Monday, November 7, 2016

Enough, Moving On

We really do teach others how to treat us. We are the creator of our own lives. We tell the universe that what we want is what is happening by allowing things to continue even though it may not be what we really want. We are saying, "this is fine, this can stay".

It's funny how I continue to not trust myself and then one day I realize that I should have been trusting myself all along. I am a silly human! I know that I know, and these little thoughts and feelings come in to play that have no place and do not belong. They are never right and will always think that they are.

I declare that I will only accept the best and allow the things that I truly want into my life. My life is sacred, special and my own. I long to share it and will share only with those that are deserving and willing to put in as much as I put in. I will continue to be the creator of my own reality and to forge the most beautiful life.


Friday, September 16, 2016

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wild Hearts

It's fun to find things you haven't read before, especially among the multitude of quotes.
This one stood out to me in particular. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

What's Funny Is...

not the murders of innocent human beings.
not individuals acting upon emotions and anger.
not judgement, assumptions, prejudice or stereotypes.
not families and homes being ripped apart by senseless acts.
not fear and hatred of a human being because of their race, gender, religion or occupation.

My heart is broken due to the events that have taken place as of late.
What is happening to people?
People are not free to be themselves. They live in fear because they may not be the right gender, race or religion. Where is the support and compassion? Where is the unconditional love for one another? The very individuals employed to protect us are being murdered on the street. Innocent black men are being murdered in their cars during traffic stops. Children are shunned by their families for being gay. People constantly criticize each other's political and religious beliefs on social media because they have to be right.

Why does everyone have to be right?!
Stop the hate, stop the fear, stop trying to control others, stop having to be right.
We all want the same thing. We all want to be happy, healthy, loved.
Where is the love?

Monday, June 20, 2016


I'm just throwing this out there,
out to the universe.

If I can freely be myself with you,
happiness and joy.

What I want most?

Friday, May 27, 2016

Quality Time

Have you ever taken the 5 Love Languages quiz? You should if you haven't if you want to. It's fun and quick. It gives you an idea of how you communicate love and how you love to be communicated with.

Here's mine (from most important to least):

Quality Time - 10
Physical Touch - 8
Acts of Service - 7
Words of Affirmation - 5
Receiving Gifts - 0

Quality Time:
 I LOVE to spend time with the people I care about. It doesn't have to be anything special, just being together is my favorite. Best time ever number 1? Sitting on the couch with Addie on one side and Reggie on the other watching a movie. My kids get my love language. "Mom? Can we sit on the couch and snuggle? Can we sit together and watch a movie? Can I lay by you and will you tickle my back?" Yes, yes, yes and yes. I would rather spend money on creating memories with my family and friends than buying "stuff" any day. I love going out to eat, getting coffee, grabbing drinks, going on hikes or walks, taking a drive up the canyon, road tripping, anything that involves being together and having good conversation. LOVE it!

Physical Touch:
I touch people all the time. Does that sound weird? Well, I can't help myself. My signature move? When I care about you and we are having an awesome conversation I will touch your arm I don't know how many times. I have just realized this about myself. Snuggling with my kids? Perfection. Hugs? I LOVE to hug and not for just a second, but to embrace and to connect. One thing that I haven't done in a million years? Dancing with someone very close. Swaying to the music slowly and holding on to one another... oh how I miss that.

Acts of Service:
If you know me you know that I like to try and do everything myself. I feel like I have to be responsible and accept no help from anyone. I suck at being contributed to. I'm working on it. But! I do appreciate it when someone basically forces me to step aside and takes on something I am overwhelmed with. I appreciate acts that are thoughtful and meaningful. You want to take the trash out for me in the middle of January because I hate the cold and winter so? Thank you!!!

Words of Affirmation:
I don't seek out compliments and I feel very uncomfortable when I receive them. I never know what to say and half the time I don't believe them. Maybe that's why this love language is next to last on my list? I've learned to say "thank you" and be appreciative. But I struggle! I do like to be told that I am appreciated in certain areas of my life, as a mother, as a listener, as a friend. Warms my heart.

Receiving Gifts:
Last the worst of all the game.... this is the one I care about the least. Others could probably attest to this because it is a direct reflection of how great I am at giving gifts. I suck. I am the worst gift giver in the world and I think it's probably because gifts are not super important for me to receive. I like presents, I won't lie, especially when they are thoughtful and something I wouldn't buy for myself. Let's take my birthday for example, if you offered to buy me the fanciest new pair of shoes or offered to take me out on the town? I'd take the night out on the town. I don't need stuff and I don't like to have a lot of it. If you want to give me a gift, make sure it's one where we get to spend quality time together and I can touch your arm or give you a hug. ;)